WM 6.5.3 Release Notes

WaveMaker 6.5.3 is the third patch release to the WaveMaker 6.5.X release family.

For a refresher on whats new in the WaveMaker 6.5.X release family, read WM 6.5.0 Release Notes.

Java must be installed

Previously the windows installation included a JRE. The JRE has been removed. All installations must have a Java 1.6 executable available via the path. A full JDK with Javac is not required, a compiler is provided, however javaw.exe must be on the system path.

On Linux, the installation prerequisite on a JDK has been removed. This means you can now install on a Linux system without Java installed. Now all platforms expect you to have Java in the path and WaveMaker Studio will not run if Java can not be found.

Typing issue fixed

WM 6.5.1 introduced a significant issue with types, WM-4717, that prevented imported java service types from being added to the project types. This issue was corrected in 6.5.2 but additional cases required further updates for 6.5.3. All known type generations and specifically WM-4800 have been now resolved.

Overloaded RuntimService.update()

The runtime service now includes an overloading of update that accepts an index argument. This method is intended for use from a Java service in applications that wish to remove direct access to the runtime service for additional security or server side validation. An example of using the overloaded update can be found on GitHub

Abort for cancelling Live Form operations from OnBeforeServiceCall

In WaveMaker 6.5 Live Forms have an onBeforeServiceCall event as a single event from which to perform any final form validation. With 6.5.3 onBeforeServiceCall event handler functions must throw an abort error, e.g. "throw new Error("Abort");"if it wishes to stop the server call. An example of using Abort to from onBeforeServiceCall can be found on GitHub

Fixes and Corrections

  • Fixes case-insensitive grid sorting
  • Fixes bug in clearing editors in Editable Grids
  • Fixes bug in rendering buttons in IE-8
  • WM-4830: Fixes DojoChart legends on mobile devices
  • Fixes rendering of Studio in IE-10
  • Fixes firing of DojoGrid onError/onResult events
  • Bug fixes for Vertical DojoMenus
  • WM-4848 Fixes Java service creation for SVN projects
  • WM-4810 DB Re-Import fails when schema has added table

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