You can now take an existing application and change properties, styles and images for different customers using the branding feature. The branding feature does help you to provide different features to different users, it simply lets you make your application look and feel like it belongs to a specific customer.

To use this, within your webapproot folder, add the following folders/files:

  • Folder named "branding"
    • Folder named "company1" (or the name of the company your providing this to)
      • branding.js (json file which changes widget properties such as caption, picture.source, etc...)
      • branding.css
      • Folder named "images" for reference by branding.css
    • Folder named "company2" (or whatever the name of the company your providing this second branded version to)
    • More brands...
The developer then picks a brand by putting into config.js:
wm.branding = "companyA";

The branding.js file will identify page name, widget name, property name and language name:

    Main: {
	label3: {
	    caption: {
		fr: "Company A's démo d'application",
		es: "Company A's demostración de aplicaciones",
		"default": "Company A's demonstration application"
	    width: {
		"default": "100%"
	label2 : {
	    caption: {
		"default": "Copyright Company A"
    ContentPage: {
	button1: {
	    caption: {
		"es": "Ejecutar la lógica de la Compañía A",
		"fr": "Exécuter Société Logique A",
		"default": "Execute Company A's Logic"

To see this in action, try the following demo; run it first with config.js having a wm.branding="companyA", and then try again running with "companyB".

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