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Sharing knowledge, reporting issues, answering questions, and making suggestions is what makes communities go, and WaveMaker is no exception. We are only as good as our community!

Using WaveMaker and sharing what you find enables the WaveMaker developer community to be an informative and helpful place. We encourage you to contribute your findings. Create a new wiki page, tell us about your app, post a link to your project, or simply add a helpful forum link to an existing wiki page.

Every bit of knowledge helps. Thank you for getting involved.


If you haven't already joined the WaveMaker Community, what are you waiting for ? Join today !

See also: Getting Started in the Community


Answer Forum Questions

We encourage you to contribute to our forum discussions. Everyone was a newbie at one time and benefited from the contributions of others. You can give back by sharing what you've learned. It's a nice thing to do, and who knows? You might learn something, too!

See what the current topics are using the tracker.

See also: Posting Guidelines


Under 'My Account' on the forums you can configure your forum notification preferences. Subscribe to email notifications of new forum topics and comments.
There are three auto subscribe options. Auto-subscribe to new content that you create, to items that you update and to items that you comment on.
Other options include subscription by forum and/or by tags


Contribute to the Wiki

Your Dev Community forum account will also allow you login to the community wiki. Logging in to the wiki enables you to contribute, comment and collaborate. We encourage and appreciate your comments in the WM Documentation and your contributions to content in The Dev Wiki.

Found a useful forum thread? Add a link to a Dev Space page. Using a neat package with WM? Let others know about it.

See Wiki Contributions to get started.

Application Showcase

Put Your App on Showcase

Contact us to get your app on Showcase.

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Spread the word

Share the Love

If you love WaveMaker, share your experiences with others!

Not sure how? Look at this great example.

Write a Review

Think you've spent enough time using WaveMaker to write a product review? Doesn't have to be Dostoyevsky. A few paragraphs will do. Send us your thoughts and we'll find the best places to post them.

Tell us Your Story

Working on a project you'd like to tell us about? Please do !

Get Press

Have a killer WaveMaker app you think would make great headlines? Tell us more !

You might just make it onto Yahoo! News like MARA.


Update Jira Issues

We value your support in the WM jira project too. We can't fix bugs we don't know about!

You can search the WaveMaker (WM) project and view issue reports. Community dev site logins do not automatically provide log in to our Issue Tracker (Jira).

If you do not have access to Jira, please continue to use the forums for issue reports. If you are comfortable suggesting the problem spot or code changes in your reports, you are welcome to do so. Thank you.

Get Access

Community members who want to contribute to the WaveMaker Wave by helping to update issues in our Jira WM project are welcome to contact us to enable their community accounts for Jira.

JIRA usage guidelines

Before submitting an issue, please:

  • Do your due-diligence to verify the bug does in fact exist.
  • Search the issue tracker to verify there is no existing issue reporting the bug you've found.
  • Consider tracking down the bug a bit further yourself
  • Submit a patch along with your bug report if you can. This is a great time saver for the developer team, and helps the bug get fixed quicker.
Enhancement requests for new features are also welcome. The more concrete and rationale the request is, the greater the chance it will incorporated into future releases. Thanks for helping out !

Looking for the Source Code?

For releases 6.4.5 and earlier, source code for each GA release is available on it's release page, on the releases page in the wiki.

For versions 6.5 and greater, source is in github

Contribute Code

Got some source code you'd like to contribute ? Awesome ! Great ! Fantastic !

Before you submit your pull request, please ensure you've submitted a signed CLA - Contributor License Agreement.


Join Other WaveMaker Groups

Click here to join a group or gathering started by another WaveMaker community member in your area or language.

Start a group

Don't see one in your 'hood? Start your own and let us know about it !

Localization and Translation

Teams helping to translate documentation and localize WaveMaker...... More

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