Give editing permission to certain widgets only based on log-in users role


I want to give editing permission to various fields in a widget based on the log-in user's role.
For eg : if a user's role is 'Receive' then he will be able to edit all fields while if a log-in user's role is 'Acknowledge' , then that user will able to edit or enter in 2 or 3 fields in that corresponding widget . Another fields are only for just view.

How to control this field editing based on each user's role via Javascript?

Urgent .Plz help?

[SOLVED] Dojo Grid setCell fails at row index 25


Hi need help with DojoGrid setCell function

this.dojoGridPersonnelSrch.setCell(index, "Inductions", ind, false); //write data to grid

Always fails at row Index 25 regardless of the data or record in grid returned from Service Variable HQL query.

The Error is
index is 25

dojo datagrid


This is what I want to achive:

User one is changing (add/update/delete) a record in the database. dojo datagrid of the database. any one ?

How to retrieve database value in dojo datagrid using jsp example code with edit and delete option .kindly any one help me

Draggable Tree


Hi folks,

I'm trouble with the "nodeDrop" function within DraggableTree.js.

In my previous WM (6.4.6) only one selection was possible before dropping, but it worked.
In 6.7.0 I can't anymore drop nodes...
I seeked in the code and noticed that, within nodeDrop, the :
dojo.forEach(moveNodes, function(moveNode) {...}, this);
loop just doesn't loop over moveNodes, at least for one single selected node.

I replaced this loop by a simple
var moveNode = this.draggedItem;
and it works again... (in single selection, of course).

Any hints / patches ?

Thanks A LOT for your job!

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Execute Service Call When Window Unloads


How do I ensure a service call executes when a user closes the browser window or navigates to another page?

I am using the BIRT Reporting Engine and have started up an instance of the report Platform object that I need to clean up. I execute a service call to the Reporting Java Service to trigger the destruction of my instance to the garbage collector will delete it.

wm.DojoFileUpload error


I use wm.DojoFileUpload to import CSV file data into DB.
When I click the wm.DojoFileUpload button, I sometimes get into the following error message.

File failed to upload: Error: HTML Upload
Error:Cannot read property 'value' of undefined

Thank you for your help.

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DojoGrid how setData


Hi everyone !

Actually, I have a ServiceVariable bind to a Java function which return a complex list.
With that, in JavaScript, I fill 2 var, each contains a list.

How bind these 2 lists of a empty DojoGrid ?

Thank you for any tips !


Numeric Filter in liveVariable


hello everyone,

i have a simple problem yet very irritating .
i need to filter a live variable with a numeric column but the filter consider it like a string column.

how can i filter the rows as follows :

${price} > 50

i noticed in the documentation that i should put %% before the number so that Dojo evaluates it as a number but that does not work and shows an error in the console "Service Call Failed: .read "

Problem with blob/clob from Oracle



I am integrating Oracle Database with Wavemaker project, some of my tables having CLOB datatype.

Now I am getting an error to retrieve, update, insert and delete a blob or clob from Oracle database in wavemaker.

Please find attached screenshot for an error.

Has anyone found any appropriate solution or workaround? Can you please share?


Re-rendering a Calendar


Does anybody know how I can re-render a dijit calendar after changing the specialdates data?

Wavemaker studio freezes while working on large HQL statement


Hi there!

I am having a big problem: I have a huge HQL statement that I am working on with over 40 parameters. The problem is that I cannot change the type of any paramater now and also cannot add additional parameters because the page becomes unresponsive and I get the following message (in Firefox):

A script on this page may be busy, or it may have stopped responding. You can stop the script now, or you can continue to see if the script will complete.

Script: http://localhost:8094/wavemaker/lib/dojo/dojo/dojo_build.js:40002

manipulate / exchange LiveVariable query


Hi there,

I need to somehow edit the query (exchange with a more detailed select statement) of the LiveVariable. I tried out also different ways (JavaServices, HQL), but this options don't give me the necessary features (filtering, updating, performance, ...) of the LiveVariable.

I am trying to code this in the source code of Wavemaker but cannot find a starting point. I also don't understand where and how the query of the LiveVariable is built.

Can somebody point me in the right direction? Thanks anyone for helping!

Is it possible to get the clean open source code of the obfuscated JavaScript libraries?


Hi there,

I would like to know if it's possible to get the clean (non-obfuscated, at best with comments) source code of the JavaScript defining Wavemaker front end functionality. I am talking particular about the libaries found in wavemaker\wavemaker-studio\src\main\webapp\lib\wm\compressed. For example the wm_dojo_grid.js.

Or maybe I am looking in the wrong place?

Please somebody help!

Three dojo charts needs to come horizontally in same plane



I have three dojo charts and each inside a separate div tag. I want all the three dojo charts to come horizontally in same level.

I tried with float: left and bla bla with no result.

Please suggest me.

Three dojo charts needs to come horizontally in same plane



I have three dojo charts and each inside a separate div tag. I want all the three dojo charts to come horizontally in same level.

I tried with float: left and bla bla with no result.

Please suggest me.

Adding images in a dojogrid with conditional expression


Hi everyone.

I'm new in Weave Maker, tryng to do my app.

I follow the Add images in Datagrid using: Conditional and DATAEXPRESION tutorial (

I can't visualized the image that i uploaded in resources/images, the only way to do this is to bind an URL link (i uploaded my images on imageshack).

I write the conditional expression using the resources/images path, like in the tutorial:
- if(${location} == "Austin"){''}. NOT WORK

Very poor performance transferring / displaying result of JavaService in DojoGrid


I have a project with a big dojo grid which is dependent on an user entry and also dependent on the user's role (also can depend on some date values but I skip that to make the problem easier). This logic is implemented through a JavaService which is used by a ServiceVariable to populate the DojoGrid. The problem is that it takes a significant amount of time after the JavaService returns to actually display the data in the grid.

I attached an example project with an example database. I use MS SQL Server so you may have to adjust some (the table names) of the SQL script.

TitlePane dijit


I would like to implement the dojo.TitlePane in my app and after looking through the available examples I am still a little fuzzy on the mechanics.

- Placed the dojo.require in the start function of my page

- Placed a dijit.TitlePane in my page, and pointed the dijit.class to dijit.TitlePane and a number of Properties showed up, however no 'title' or 'content' option, so it just looks like an empty panel

- In the function displaying that part of the page insterted the following:
var tp;
dojo.addOnLoad(function() {
tp = new dijit.TitlePane({

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DOJO (extra) charts


Hi guys I am using the dojo charts available in Studio (they look great and are very easy to use!) and noticed there are some charts in which are still not available in WM.6.6M2...

Do you have a schedule to implement them (I am particularly interested in SCATTER charts) ?

TKS for your feedback and congrats on a great product !

role based column access in DojoGrid


Hi there,

I know this is not supported by Wavemaker or DojoGrid but maybe someone already worked on this: is it somehow possible to configure columns of a DojoGrid that only certain roles are able to see the data (or even better: that this column data is not even transfered to the client)???

Maybe someone worked in a similar direction or knows something more about extending DojoGrid.

Tie together JavaService with DojoGrid (JavaService result as data for grid)



I have a simple problem but don't seem to get passed it. How do I tie together a JavaService with a DojoGrid? I want to replace the query of the DojoGrid with my own. I created a JavaService:

public List getAllGridData(int userID, int projectID){
List gridData = null;
My_db service = (My_db) RuntimeAccess.getInstance().getService(My_db.class);
Session session = service.getDataServiceManager().getSession();

String sQuery = "select * from Mydb_griddata where projectid = " + projectID;

Date field in DojoGrid always default to 01/01/1970 (even when empty)



I have a Dojogrid and all date fields in that table default to the 01/01/1970 (01.01.1970 in my case) whenever I click on an empty datefield. The date selector then starts at the 01/01/1970. Additionally, when I delete a date with backspace in the field, it writes 01/01/1970 in the field and does not delete it.

How can I fix this? Please help!

Using custom sourceData in DojoGrid / manipulating DojoGrid queries??!



I'm facing huge problems and hope someone can help me here.

Here's essentially what I would like to do:

Queries and Filters


I have a dojoGrid populated by a serviceVar retrieving db data through a query that hits several tables

If i need to include a filter for that grid, it seems i need to use a liveVar instead of a serviceVar. So i bound the grid to the liveVar, the liveVar to the serviceVar, and typed the liveVar to my left table.

Two issues:
1) the query retrieves specific data based on WHERE clause and app.variables, however the liveVar now returns all the records in the table instead of a subset of the query

How secure are using filters in dojogrid?



I was wondering whether one can override any filtering one does on the dojogrid on the client side. Reside SQL queries you configure within Wavemaker studio on the client-side java script engine or is this compiled to server-side java class files?

Does anyone has any idea? Thanks!

using SQL view ("real" database view)



since I am running in some limitations in Wavemaker I wanted to make the underlying database "easier" for Wavemaker. Hence, I created a view using SQL like this for example:

CREATE VIEW dbo.testview
FROM dbo.mytable

I then imported the database back to Wavemaker. But Wavemaker then makes a composite primary key of ALL fields in the view and puts them under a new field "id". When I use this grid as a database widget, the dojo grid just shows the (empty) id field and nothing else.

Another Upgrade to 6.5.3 Problem


In converting my WM6.4.6 projects to WM6.5.3 I am encountering a problem on several projects where the Dojo Grids will not appear on the deployed application. (i.e. deployed on localhost for testing). The grids appear in studio and even show data. The log shows no problems for one application and "invalid request; missing method or id:" errors in the other.
In a previous post I resolved a problem by removing spring jars from my lib folders. There may be a similar problem but I don't know what the jars are for the Dojo Grid.

iPad can't edit DojoGrid rows


Please forgive me if this is already covered somewhere. I haven't been able find a solution if it already exists.

The problem I'm experiencing is the inability for the DojoGrid to be edited on an iPad. Scrolling works well enough (I've seen that used to be an issue), and all the other expected actions seem to function correctly, but when comparing the Desktop app in Chrome to the iPad, the iPad just refuses to show the editable view of the cell.

I'm unable to duplicate this on my PC, so I haven't been able to track down the source of this.

Any clues?

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Rich Text Editor LocalImage plugin


i'm studying a way to allow users insert images on a Rich Text Editor.
I saw that LocalImage dojox plugin is based on a php service.
Is it possible to use the File Upload java class of File Uploader widget instead?
Or i have to write a java service that behave like that php service?
Anyone had never tried something in this regard?

Nested sorting in dojo grid (sorting by two columns)



I need to sort my dojo grid by TWO columns. Has anybody done that or poked around in that direction??
I think I need to *somehow* make my dojo grid of the type EnhancedGrid (see in the source. But I don't know where the entry point for such a hack might be.
Could someone point me in the right direction? Thank you so much!

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