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WaveMaker Websites Upgrade



We are planning for WaveMaker Websites Upgrade on March 11th, Tuesday starting from 1 AM PDT to 5 AM PDT. Please Check

Vevek Pandian
WaveMaker Community Manager

Wavemaker developer needed


Looking for someone to develop Wavemaker applications for clients on a contract basis. Any developer suggestions?

Problem with blob/clob from Oracle



I am integrating Oracle Database with Wavemaker project, some of my tables having CLOB datatype.

Now I am getting an error to retrieve, update, insert and delete a blob or clob from Oracle database in wavemaker.

Please find attached screenshot for an error.

Has anyone found any appropriate solution or workaround? Can you please share?


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Spam attacks


Dear WM team,

Please, do something against the amount of spam is entering, is very annoying.

And more than annoying, is frustrating see how I need to fill captcha every time I want to post or answer (and I'm not a spammer lol), and spam enters without problem.

If possible, could be interesting too to have a real forum engine, like SMF, phpBb, vbulletin and so on, to create polls, social integration, wysiwyg and so on.

Cisco/Ironport thinks this IP is Malware


Hello Everyone,

I've been lurking for a bit while I've been trying to pick up the wavemaker basics after dropping TibcoGI. Really good stuff and I'm hoping Pramati helps keep it strong.

The darnedest thing happened to me this week though in that after getting back from vacation I find the entire wavemaker domain blocked at my corporate proxy and they won't whitelist it because "Cisco doesn't usually make mistakes." It's pretty obvious that the hosting has moved from VMWare to Pramati but apparently the IP Address was tainted as hosting malware/bots.

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Blog : In Transition


We are aware that some links on the WaveMaker site are not working (e.g., some product demo links). We are looking into this and will let you know once resolved.

Thanks for your patience as we pick up these resources and begin to resolve outstanding issues.



Is it possible to use WaveMaker only as a GUI builder?


Hello WaveMaker fans and users,

I have a simple question about WaveMaker. I like the GUI builder functionalities. It is very easy and intuitive to use.
So my question is: Can I use the WaveMaker only as a Dojo GUI builder?
If yes, please can you tell me which sources I need to extract from the project directory?

Thanks in advance.

Best regards


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Benvenuti nel forum italiano !

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WaveMaker + NetBeans


I'm not an expert in Java dev, but seems like I feel more comfortable under NetBeans than Eclipse.(and nebeans look more lightweight).

Somebody knows how to configure NB to fully integrate with WM projects?
Ipmporting project, spring integration, debugging server side, and so on.


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WaveMaker + PubNub + Cloud Foundry = 15 Minute Chat Room


I just published an article on on how to create a bare bones chat room in 15 minutes using WaveMaker and PubNub deploying to Cloud Foundry.

Check it out here:

More robust version of this chat room to be made into a tutorial coming soon.


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[WEB] Moderation for Spam


Could be interesting if some people in forums are moderators, because every day, there are a lot of more and more spam entering in the site and is very annoying.

import statements for calling


trying to do import statements seen below:
import java.util.ArrayList;
import java.util.List;
import org.hibernate.Session;
import com.hrdb.*;
import com.wavemaker.runtime.RuntimeAccess;

and it will not work and dont know why

Blog comment does not publish


I did comment on the blog post "Improving Performance Through Minification" a while back with a constructive suggestion. Why does/did this comment not get published? Did it get classified as Spam?

When I tried to ask this very question today as a comment on the blog post, I got a "duplicate message, you said this already"? page.

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New Forum - Studio Localization


WaveMaker 6.4 introduces the ability to localize studio into local languages. We'll provide the mechanism, but we're going to need help with the actual translations.

The good news is that we already have received contributions from Ken for Japanese and Manuel for Spanish. Thanks guys !

This forum is for folks like Manuel and Ken, to discuss the localization of Studio itself. Please continue to discuss the localization of your applications in the development forums.

For those wanting more information, the place to start is at

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HOW TO: Grid Combo Box and Image Columns


I needed to create Grid that had a column that had a ComboBox. The restriction was that each row had to have a unique value from the combobox's options (two rows could not have the same selected value from the combobox).

There is a combobox control that you can select in the DojoGrid, but it was not automatically displayed in the cell. You have to click the cell to get into edit mode, then select the desired option. So I used a column formatter to generate the HTML for a an HTML select widget (combobox) with the options.

Java - Class Multiple Return types by Querys - Same structural methods - Howto Manage



At this moment I'm feeling a little stupid since I'm not a newby for java...
I have an issue regarding query's class return types generated in Wavemaker framework.

So, I have a base query that I have to copy multiple times where only changes the where clause.
So multiple Class's Return Type for each query, but basically they are the same.

Each query is called from from different point on web side, and the results returned should be processed all by same the Java Service.

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Accessing DevBuild - 404 or error


Seems we broke the login redirect for the wiki in the server move.

If you are getting the 404 error when trying to download the dev build or otherwise access the wiki, please login first until it is fixed.

That is, if you log in to the wiki and then hit the dev build release link, it works. Thanks.

Alternatively, remove the extra leading from the url.

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Site Maintenance & Downtime Tomorrow June 2nd 2011- 2 PM PDT - 2100 UTC


The WaveMaker community site is moving.

Tomorrow, June 2nd, starting at 2pm PDT (21:00 hrs UTC, 11 pm CEST, 6 am June 3rd JST) we will stopping the WaveMaker sites as we move them to shiny new VMs in the VMware data center. All sites, jira, wiki, www, forums, blog will be affected.

The primary objective of the downtime is to move the servers to new VMs in the VMware data center. Jira will also be upgraded as part of the migration.

We are trying to keep the downtime to a minimum, but there's a lot stuff to move, so please plan accordingly.

Pretty large project, some developers using WaveMaker, others more conventional tools.. possible?


I am trying to research how (or if) it would be possible to split up work on a development project between developers using WaveMaker and others using more conventional tools (such as eclipse).

What I have figured out:
- I have created a test app in wavemaker and deployed it (war) to the cloud service we are most likely going to use (cloudbees).
- I have opened this same project in eclipse by simply creating a workspace in the projects folder of my wavemaker installation and creating a project with the same name.


error parsing Pages


This error appears.. I don't know How? but I have a doubt about this... I supposed that when I make a link to ServiceVariable, the Wavemaker Studio put Images to a aprrobed de Conexion.. in this case, Studio put a Red Image when I try to link a DojoGrid..

I Attached the Images about this..

Thanks... comunity Again..

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Accessing the Wiki with Dev Accounts from 2008 and before


FrankR's WM has come a long way post reminds me of a special note for users coming back to the community from a few years ago.

Accounts with forum ids prior to 12108, the number after q=user, if you go to 'my account' do not 'just work' with the wiki and other systems. We can fix that for you, however, you'll need to let us know. See also: logging in to the wiki

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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year


i hope can have a great community the next year...
with more new people and more projects for make and create.

thanks all the wavemaker team for been nice friends with me this 2010
maybe i have wrong steps on the end of this 2010 but i hope grown up on next months :D

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