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how to get value in service variable when java service returns list


please give me idea about how to get value in wavemaker service variable when return list from java service..

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WaveMaker 7 & IP protection


Hi all,

Last week I got my early access to WM7 and I played around with the IDE. First of all I really like the AngularJS implementation. Since I have been working with AngularJS for the last year, coding looks very familiar to me. All in all a great tool.

WM7 has two options: Studio or Cloud. Both options will start the application directly online in your browser as opposite to the desktop startup. I still have to discover whether I can access the project files like I used to.

Changing notifications


I would like to change my notifications, but I can't seem to find where this is done.

I would assume that this would be done somewhere in My Account, but can't seem to find what I need.

Basically, I'm being notified of everything posted and I only want to be notified when someone posts to a topic that I've created.

Help would be appreciated.

Regards - JP

Orizzonti WaveMaker


sono il titolare di una piccola azienda, che utilizza da alcuni anni WaveMaker ritenendolo dal principio un ottimo prodotto sia per la sua forma (open source) sia per le tecnologie sulle quali si appoggia (Java/Tomcat/Spring/Hibernate).

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Creencias (Artículo en ContraPunto)



les invito a leer un par de pensamientos titulados "Creencias" en


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Is there anyone moderating the forums here?

I really like to use the "Active forum topics" and "Recent comments" column at the right side of the page. It helps me with current issues, and occasionally, I can help others.

Lately, those sections have become useless due to spammers posting to ancient threads. Their pattern is to post something seems somewhat related to the topic (but completely useless), but then include links to whatever snake oil, black market DVDs, or whatever they're flogging.

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Spam attacks


Dear WM team,

Please, do something against the amount of spam is entering, is very annoying.

And more than annoying, is frustrating see how I need to fill captcha every time I want to post or answer (and I'm not a spammer lol), and spam enters without problem.

If possible, could be interesting too to have a real forum engine, like SMF, phpBb, vbulletin and so on, to create polls, social integration, wysiwyg and so on.

Is it possible to use WaveMaker only as a GUI builder?


Hello WaveMaker fans and users,

I have a simple question about WaveMaker. I like the GUI builder functionalities. It is very easy and intuitive to use.
So my question is: Can I use the WaveMaker only as a Dojo GUI builder?
If yes, please can you tell me which sources I need to extract from the project directory?

Thanks in advance.

Best regards


SaaS Association?


Hello Fellow WM Gurus,

Do any of you know of a good SaaS business association/organization/group? I am thinking of something similar to the MSPAlliance ( My previous business was an IT professional services business, specifically an MSP, and we used to attend the MSPAlliance conferences regularly to meet with our peers in the industry, attend break-out sessions on business and technical topics, and visit with sponsoring vendors serving our profession.

Welcome Form Not deseapere when new project created


Im new in wavemaker and trying creating first hello world project, but stil not succesfull yet :(

I have problem, when im finished created new project my welcome screen still there, any idea.... ?


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WaveMaker + NetBeans


I'm not an expert in Java dev, but seems like I feel more comfortable under NetBeans than Eclipse.(and nebeans look more lightweight).

Somebody knows how to configure NB to fully integrate with WM projects?
Ipmporting project, spring integration, debugging server side, and so on.


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[WEB] Moderation for Spam


Could be interesting if some people in forums are moderators, because every day, there are a lot of more and more spam entering in the site and is very annoying.

WaveMaker at VMworld2012?


Is there any representation of WaveMaker at this year's VMworld in San Fancisco next week?

I didn't see anything in the session sheduler (and my session proposal about WaveMaker & vCenter Orchestrator was not accepted :-(

So, any of the WaveMaker guys at the event for a chat?

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Tomorrow: Latest news on the Higgs Boson from CERN


Tomorrow July 4th CERN will have a webcast with the latest updates on the Higgs boson

9am CEST

the search continues...

Queries regaring wavemaker - academic project


Hi ,
I am an MBA student in India and currently doing an academic project for application development accelarator tools . I was basically looking at tools which help users enter a use case graphically and then generate the code based on the stack chosen .
I guess wavemaker also fits a similar tool . However i have some confusions regarding wavemaker .
1)Does it generate code in java/.net and is the generated code free to be edited(no vendor lock in through propritery API) .
2)Does it support end to end application development i.e click and model & deploy sort of framework

About the spam


Hello guys,

Just a brief meditation about the spam; in my country we are used to say: the stupids's mother is always pregnant.
Sic trnsit gloria mundi!


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Music by rocking


I had the pleasure of talking with "rocking" (aka José-Luis or JLu) today. When the WaveMaker discussion finished he mentioned his music and reminded me of the link ( I'm listening to it now. Very nice.

- derek

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Book: Wavemaker Studio by Indigo Theophanes Dax


There's been some question and interest about this book 'Wavemaker Studio by Indigo Theophanes Dax' that was recently released. I just don't have much information to share about this book itself. We had no involvement in its production and have not been provided a copy. We simply were not aware of it until it showed up on the interwebs.

That said, the cover picture suggests the content came from wikipedia and this blog post about the publisher suggests similar.

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Lo que les espera (En memoria de Antonio Machado y Miguel Hernández)



Escribí esto el fin de semana, es acerca de Espania.


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java what?



just come from a meeting where lots of software companies presented their products

i was told there, couple of times, that java is *dead*


check it out: java is not cool. java is legacy. it is not sassy. people are using grails, ruby, python, php. they are they say

obviously i find all of that totally incorrect

i would like to hear your impressions...


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La ley de oferta y demanda



les invito a leer mi columna reciente en ContraPunto:

La ley de oferta y demanda y otros males



Columnas anteriores:

Cual Crisis

Parte 2 - "Cual Crisis?"

Los Velones



What the others do.


I have found this site and I thought that could be interesting for the forum to see what the others are doing.


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Test <eom>



How funny is this.... WaveMaker Coaching!


Searching for something else I found this

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WaveMaker debuts at VMworld


WaveMaker made its VMworld debut in Las Vegas, yesterday. The demo is focused on deploying a WaveMaker application to with a few button clicks. Under the covers, the Studio's deployment feature uses the VMC CLI (command line interface written in Ruby).

The demo uses the lastest 6.4.1 beta dev build with an app that is based on the Spring Travel application (two pager with all the Spring Travel decorations and a database).

page hacked?


alguien puede entrar por este enlace?
can somebody enter by this link?

Anyone that lives in Stockholm,Sweden?


Would be great to find one that is using Wavemaker in Stockholm where i live.

WM Deployment: Where are you?


Just out of interest, I just wondered where the most WM apps are developed and then deployed?

My Location is England, UK

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