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wm.List - Copy row displayed content to clipboard with a click (JS-generated contents)


Hi all,
my goal is to obtain, on a long press, the copy of the wm.List element text content and let user choose how to share it (ex. email, SMS, ecc.).

I can use "onLongClick" event on wm-List widget to launch a custom function, but i have know how to get the entire row content and copy it to the clipboard.

In the following code i have inserted "?????????" to show the missing code.

share: function(inSender) {
    var Content = this.my_list.selectedItem.?????????;

Thank you!

Need developer to continue work started


We have an application that needs some debugging and many more enhancements. I am looking for a developer that wants to develop a long term relationship working on our project from time-to-time. Jakob Perz was the last to work on the project and he is VERY GOOD, but it seems he is very busy and our project is not so big that he gives us the time we need.

Last time I posted I received many good inquiries, but I have since deleted them, so please resend me email if you are interested.

Email me at and I will send over details.


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Problemas con IE


Hola amigos, tengo una aplicación hecha en la versión 6.5.3 y trabaja muy bien en otros browsers excepto en IE. No funciona el botón para elegir fecha ni el botón sencillo con el cual presento un app.alert() y no puedo validar el problema.
He probado en IE 6 , 7, 10, 11 y nada..
me ayudan? gracias

Wavemaker studio freezes while working on large HQL statement


Hi there!

I am having a big problem: I have a huge HQL statement that I am working on with over 40 parameters. The problem is that I cannot change the type of any paramater now and also cannot add additional parameters because the page becomes unresponsive and I get the following message (in Firefox):

A script on this page may be busy, or it may have stopped responding. You can stop the script now, or you can continue to see if the script will complete.

Script: http://localhost:8094/wavemaker/lib/dojo/dojo/dojo_build.js:40002

[SOLVED] Setting Date Field to System date/time with a Button OnClick


Hey everyone,

I am sorry I have to come to forum again with what I thought was a simple task but I cant seem to get it to work.

What I need to do is when a user clicks the save button, the last onclick event for that button uses JavaScript to set the date field to the system date. I have tried numerous different code.

set_dateentered: function(inSender)
this.date_panel.date_entered = new Date().getTime();

I've tried:

var date_entered = new Date();

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How to CSS Styling Text Field Reset Button?


I've been trying to Style the Tex Filed with Reset Button option, with no success... This is what firebug tells me it reads the image from:

<img src="../wavemaker/lib/dojo/dojo/../../../lib/images/boolean/Signage/Close_gray.png" style="position: absolute; width: 16px; height: 16px; top: 1px; right: 1px;">

This ain't CSS, how is it possible to add custom images on this type of widgets?

[SOLVED] Help with Java Code to call activate a jar file


Hey Guys,

What would be the best way to call a jar file? I have a jar file that is a calculation program and when I click my save button on my application it stores the input data to the database and then calls the jar file that does the calculations and updates the database for me.
I have the jar file already placed in my ...\...\application\lib folder, service variable created to call the java service and the java service named and ready to go but no matter what code I use, I cant get the java code to be accepted by Wavemaker.

Multi-select statements and sub-queries


Hey Everyone,

I have a question for you all. Why doesn't Wavemaker allow sub-queries or other MySQl statements like the following?

select agreements.rate, trans_employer.wages, agreements.rate * trans_employer.wages as "over_short"
from agreements, trans_employer
where agreements.subplan_id = '2802' and trans_employer.cs_num = 'CS9815'

[SOLVED] Help with save button resetting data fields


Hi Everyone,

This is a follow-up to my Dojo Grid question on how to get a Save Button to reset the data entry fields after is is clicked and the data is stored in the database.
I have tried java code accessed via a JavaScript through a service variable which is coded as below:

function doClear()

document.text.cs_number.value = "";
document.text.psr.value = "";
document.text.hours = "";
document.text.gross_wages.value = "";

Am I missing a step in setting up a Save Button linked to a live variable to insert data into a table?


Hey guys,

Can I trouble you all for a second? I am not sure if I am missing a step or not. Could you all look over the following steps I used to try and save data to a database from the entire page with the onclick of a button?

Here is what I have done, please let me know if I left anything out:

1) Imported the db into wavemaker.
2) drag widgets onto the application and using a live variable, set to properties.operation to read and the dummy data displayed.

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How can i set WaveMaker


Hi All!
How can i set WaveMaker and when it runs there are more infomation in my browser's addressbar look like this:


Dynamic SQL Queries


The app we are building needs to implements methods to access a DB and retrieve data based on user defined parameters entered in a search screen.
We need to evaluate the variable input fields containing data and based on the results, dynamically build a query.

Has anyone done anything similar? Best practices for evaluating if an input field has data in it? Best practices to dynamically craft queries in JavaScript?

All info and ideas are greatly appreciated...

'Break'ing a running query


What is the best method, for a WM app executing large DB searches, to allow the user to interrupt a running query?
Is there a way to use WM/JDBC to send a 'break' command since, even if the user may change screens, the query could still be running on the host system?

HTTPS Session Tokens


I think this is an HTTPS question - if users connect to my WM app using HTTPS, will the tokens generated for that session prevent a user from copy/paste (or send) a secured URL into another unsecured browser and access the content?

Unresponsive script when selecting projects



I daily make a copy of my project I am working on and have 39 projects in the wavemaker project folder. Switching in the designer to another project now ALWAYS results in a browser warning of an unresponsive script (see screenshot). It seems there's a lot of javascript already loaded without having a project selected.
The only solution to this is to restart the browser.

Let me know if I am doing something wrong here. Thx!

IE not picking up onbeforeunload


Is it just me or does IE not play well with WaveMaker apps? I seem to have little to no browser issues with Chrome, but IE is a royal pain.

My latest in a series of issues is related to my using dojo.connect and referencing onbeforeunload. My intent is to catch the user closing the browser and/or tab and logoff their session with javascript.

This works perfect in Chrome. But in IE9, it's as if the code is not there at all. Maddening. It makes me want to just declare my apps "Chrome Only". Unfortunately, IE still has a sizable market share.

So, my questions are:

Recommeded upgrade process; 6.1.10 to 6.5.2


I'm planning to upgrade a fairly large application from 6.1.10 to 6.5.2, and I would greatly appreciate advice on the best process to accomplish that. The application uses a MySQL db, has a dozen or so data grids/live variables, several dozen edit, lookup, and select editors, a bunch of service variables, db based security, etc.
Thanks in advance for your help!

Application Preview windows empty


Where to begin...
A project (the file attached) that worked ok in preview mode, without an apparent reason now produces empty preview pop-up.

The last thing I remember before this happened is unchecking the showLogin CheckBox and then saving the project and rerunning it. No matter how I set check boxes (Enable security an Show Login) both the Login and Main pages are empty in preview.

In the studio the liveForms are filled with database data as they are supposed to be.
I have spent quite some time to put together the forms and wonder if anyone could tell me what went wrong.

Bug in DojoGrid event dispatching


Hi all,

I'm having an issue with a DojoGrid in our project. Please feel free to import the (stupidly simple) WaveMaker project that helps illustrate the issue.

The problem I have is with the onClick handler added (via the WaveMaker studio) to a simple DojoGrid that has some empty whitespace at the bottom of it. The problems I find are:
1) The onClick handler is not called in the case that the first thing you click on, is the empty whitespace inside the DojoGrid, and

Ignoring HTTP_ACCEPT for internationalisation (i18n)


Hi all,

We are building an application that will be deployed on individual machines around the world, and be configured individually for each installation. We need to be able to specify during an installation/configuration the language that wavemaker will use for the application.

Having read:

Empty styles causing different effects (interface not tidying up)


We've been examining and amending the CSS on a dojo panel. Simply trying different looks for our site. We then removed the setting so that in the WM interface the properties were empty. Just like other styles in identical nearby objects (that had not had their settings amended).

In FF+Chrome this panel was fine - just like the others, it appeared with a white back-ground. In IE, however, it showed up as dark blue - with a gradient!

Amused I looked the CSS:

Dojomenu causes blank IE window


Our WM application has been suffering from a blank window problem in Internet Explorer 8. We only have two pages, login and main. The login page displays fine FF/CHR/IE but after that and an initial "Loading..." message, the IE window goes completely blank.

I've just confirmed that its caused by the dojomenu widget. Only deleting the widget makes the app work again in all browsers.

This is being served from Tomcat 6.0.36 on Centos 6.3

Ideas anyone?

6.5.1 hoses 6.4.6 app


Hello Guys,

I'm in a bit of a pinch and need some help. A few days ago, I tried for the first time to deploy my multi-tenant app to CloudFoundry using WM 6.4.6. Though it deployed successfully, it would not run. Research on the forums suggested that there was an issue with multi-tenancy and Cloud Foundry and that I needed to upgrade my WM to 6.5.1 which had the fix. So, I backed up my app (thankfully) and downloaded/installed 6.5.1.

Cannot load WM studio on cloudfoundry


For the last 24 hours I have been unable to get past the "Please wait while WM studio loads in your browser"
Is the system down??
Does anyone know when 6.5.1 will be available I am also waiting on a fix.

How to manage multiple sessions in one PC?


Different browsers issue different sessions. Thus, in my WM application, I can log in two different browsers, eg, Chrome and IE, with the same user id.
But, I want to log in two different instances of one browser, ie, Chrome, with the same user id.
So I think I should figure out how to make different sessions while using one browser.
What would be a good way to address this issue?
Thank you.

ie wm.locale.phrases



I have some problems with IE. When I try to run a project with firefox and open it with IE. I have the following error :

Webpage error details

Message: 'wm.locale.phrases' is null or not an object
Line: 1068
Char: 1
Code: 0
URI: http://localhost:8094/wavemaker/lib/dojo/dojo/dojo_build.js

I figured out that it has something to do with the localization but didn't get any further for debuging.

Did anyone has an idea how to solve this issue ?

date format (non-U.S.)


My problem is with the date formatting in the wm.DateTime widgets. My Windows 7 development laptop is set to the English (India) locale (with date-formatting same as the English (UK / GB).
Firefox displays the dates in the correct format.
Chrome and IE displays date in US format (mm/dd/yyyy), while I need it to be in the dd/mm/yyyy format.
I have looked at the forum topics , , , , etc.

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MySQL Cluster and WaveMaker


Anybody have experience (good or bad) with using MySQL cluster and integration with developing applications in WaveMaker?

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