wm.DojoFileUpload error

I use wm.DojoFileUpload to import CSV file data into DB.
When I click the wm.DojoFileUpload button, I sometimes get into the following error message.

File failed to upload: Error: HTML Upload
Error:Cannot read property 'value' of undefined

Thank you for your help.

passing variable to object reference


I am getting annoying error when attempting to pass a variable to dot notation object reference

contractorsDojoGridSelect: function(inSender) {

wm.forEach(this.LiveForm1.widgets, function(editor) {
var editorname = (;
if (editor.datePattern !== undefined) {
this[editorname] = "#ff2121";
this[editorname] = "bold";
this[editorname] = "#ffffff";

Error in [Main:main].contractorsDojoGridSelect: Cannot read property 'domNode' of undefined

populate select field from database having only one column

Hello everyone ,

Can anyone tell me the steps to populate a select field in a live form to add data to column of a table with a select( drop down ) widget.

Also that i want to populate that select field from a column of a database and there is no relationship between any of the tables.

Thanks ,
Sahil Mahajan

Column Setting of LiveVariable Changed without any intention

During the development of my wm app, the column setting of LiveVariable has been changed without any intention.

The attached file "saved.png" shows how I saved the setting.
Then it was saved correctly and worked for some time (a few hours, days)

However suddenly, I found that the setting is changed, like the attached file "changed without any intention.png".
This problem happens really often, for several LiveVariables.
Always, if this happens, the sub-colomns (with relationship) are changed to be unchecked.

I'm not sure what causes this trouble. Please help me.

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Export CSV with selectedRow on dojoGrid

Hi everyone,

I want to export, in a csv, a selection when I made.
So I have 2 grids :

Grid1 = all my data

I use this.dojoGrid1.setQuery(row : "myRow");

But the result of this query doesn't appaer (I got empty grid). I have to quit the layer, then come back at the layer to see my query. May be the issue is the dojogrid is not update.. but how can I update it in JavaScript?

After, I want to select automatically all row(s). But that doesn't work..

Numeric Filter in liveVariable

hello everyone,

i have a simple problem yet very irritating .
i need to filter a live variable with a numeric column but the filter consider it like a string column.

how can i filter the rows as follows :

${price} > 50

i noticed in the documentation that i should put %% before the number so that Dojo evaluates it as a number but that does not work and shows an error in the console "Service Call Failed: .read "

Modal Dialog disappears in Chrome - JQuery

Hello I am trying to open Modal Dialog box using JQuery on a click of dynamically added HTML button on a page.

The dialog opens in IE, Firefox properly, but in Chrome a appears momentarily and disappears.

var contentCd = $(this).parents('.content_update_div').attr("id");

Anything specific I need to do for showing dialog thru JQuery for Chrome?

Wavemaker in Amazon

Good day,
Disclaimer: total newbie in amazon EC2.

I just purchased an amazon ec2 Wavemaker instance in the Amazon marketplace. I see the instance running, I can access the instance with SSH, I start the wavemaker service and I see it running:

1110 pts/0 Sl 0:07 java -Xms256m -Xmx512m -XX:MaxPermSize=256m -Dwm.managerUser=quad_wave -Dwm.managerPassword=wave_2014_2014 -jar /opt/wavemaker-6.6.0.RELEASE/launcher/launcher.jar
1125 pts/0 S+ 0:00 sudo ps ax
1126 pts/0 R+ 0:00 ps ax

ubuntu@ip-172-31-30-87:~$ sudo netstat -nap | grep 8080

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Export CSV limit 500

Hi everybody!

I currently use "this.DojoGrid.showCSVData();" in JavaScript to export my list of name.
However, my created file.csv contain only the 500 name of my selection.
How can I increase this limit for my file.csv contain all of my selection?

Thank you for any help.


Need developer to continue work started

We have an application that needs some debugging and many more enhancements. I am looking for a developer that wants to develop a long term relationship working on our project from time-to-time. Jakob Perz was the last to work on the project and he is VERY GOOD, but it seems he is very busy and our project is not so big that he gives us the time we need.

Last time I posted I received many good inquiries, but I have since deleted them, so please resend me email if you are interested.

Email me at and I will send over details.


Table Export is failing with huge amount of records

If my table has ~ 1500 records (~ 50 columns) then the dojoGrid.showCSVData() working fine without any issue.
But if a table has around ~2000 records (~ 50 columns) then getting following error. Is there any way to fix this issue?

HTTP Status 500 - Request processing failed; nested exception is com.wavemaker.common.WMRuntimeException

type Exception report

message Request processing failed; nested exception is com.wavemaker.common.WMRuntimeException

description The server encountered an internal error that prevented it from fulfilling this request.


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Software caused connection abort: socket write error

Hi everyone !

I have a Web application which rather work fine.
But sometimes, I catch this error : "Software caused connection abort: socket write error" when my application try to use my DB for any request. And all my application has block.
To unblock him, I must to reload my application in my tomcat manager. (And after, that work fine until the next "Software caused connection abort: socket write error"...)

I would to know if someone know where this error come from (Java, MySQL, server, ... ?).

Any help or tips are welcome !

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Get data from SelectMenu


I don't manage to get the value from my SelectMenu.
In fact, my SelectMenu allow people to choose a line in the drop-down list or to write the answer.
If this person choose an answer in the list, it's OK, but if the person write the answer, I can't to get the value. And I don't understand why..

In my code (JavaScript):
console.log("Answer = " + this.myDropDownList.getValue("dataValue").c0);

In my debug:

If the person choose an answer in the list > "Answer = Anwer1"

If the person write an answer > TypeError: Cannot read property 'c0' of null

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Buscar en español en este foro

Hola, alguien sabe como buscar en este foro pero solo sobre el foro en español, puesto que si busco con el search de la izquierda me busca en todo los foros.


MySQL Tables Not Updating After First Run

I am completely stumped on this one.

I created the simplest version of my application: two tables related in many to one fashion. The second table is used as a lookup for a value in the first table.

The problem: After the first time I run the application, I cannot update the tables any more.

I have tried two versions of Wavemaker: 6.5.3 and 6.6.0.M3. I've updated to the latest CE version of MySQL - 6.0.

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