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News about future of WaveMakr


I had a conversation some hours ago in ChAt with a developer of cloudjee, and was very friendly to answer me some questions. Although our conversation was on a public chat, don't know if I can share it completely.

- Pramati are followers of opensource world.

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Check box in Select Menu



Is it possible to display check box in list of Select Menu to allow a user to select several lines?

If no, what could do the same thing?


How to select related field for custom component property


I have a custom component working which uses a property editor of wm.propEdit.FieldSelect. This editor only works for very simple scenarios since it shows direct child fields and excludes any related types/fields.

Create Dojo Chart in Source Script window


I have created a Dojo Chart, using database data, that is displayed in a dashboard portlet.

I would like to add functionality, like additional Y axis, extended text in the tool tip, clickable chart parts, etc and i presume i will have to define the chart in the Source Script window, rather than use the canvas.

Is there a template that can be used in the Source Editor?

Creating web-client for imap server


Hello, please tell me how to make a web-client with imap like at least to get a list of folders from the imap server.
Best regard!

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"Looper" Widget


Hi all,

I'm searching for a widget I don't know if exists in WM (I don't found it).

In other development enviroments, exists some control like a "looper".

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For those of you asking for a better calendar....


We don't have it. But dojo has announced dojox.calendar for dojo 1.8.

Pictures are pretty nice looking (i only skimmed this). Sadly, this will NOT ship with WaveMaker 6.5 which will still be on dojo 1.6.1; I post this to let the many posters who have been looking for this know that the day is getting closer.

Adding sharing Buttons AddThis to my Site



Im trying to insert sharing buttons to my site.. (see script below).
- Html: doesn't show anything.
- Content: doesn't show anything.
- iframe: doesn't work.
- index.html: it works but without control of position.
- Composite: I tried to create a composite using project2/index.html + scritp but doen't works..

Any Idea?.

Thanks in advance,


The script I want to insert:

New widgets and inheritance


Hi All,

I'm developing some new components for the studio and I'm actually stuck in the problem of the postInit() not get called. To sum up the situation I've three nested components that does the following:

within wm.custom.GroupMenu
allocate an array of MenuButtons
using "new wm.custom.MenuButtons({..blah..})"

within wm.custom.MenuButtons
allocate an array of SmallSpriteButtons
using "new wm.custom.SmallSpriteButtons({..blah..})"

within wm.custom.SmallSpriteButtons
allocate a SpriteButtons

How to check if a widget is running or not under studio?


Hi All,

How can I check if a widget is running or not under studio?

Thanks in advance,
Roberto Fichera.

Dynamically widget create



I am wondering if it is possible to use the result of dojo.byId() to create a widget.
Suppose to have a page named "mypage" and on this a panel named "panel1". If you want dynamically create a button you will write something like:
var but = this.panel1.createComponent("button", "wm.Button", {});
Is there a way to use instead of "this.panel1" the result of
panelVar = dojo.byId("mypage_panel3")
in other words use "panelVar" to create the button inside the panel3.

Thanks Stefano

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Contribution: CREATING A POPUP


Hello guys, am implementing a POPUP window  using a event Button, and is a pleasure share it with a cOMMUNITY

1. When the event button is called, the "Adiciones" window is open.

2. Event button: button12Click

3. My JavaScript code implemented

 Details of code:

"Adiciones": page's name

list onclick


I have only been playing with wavemaker for about a day...I have created a list, and when I select a item from the list i would like to display to the left of the list a datagrid with form (master details) depending on the entity you selected from the list.  similar to your example with the url but in this case I want to use a datagrid with form.  Can anyone give me a idea???



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More Widgets


Anybody can tell me what is the diferent among "Content, Html, iFrame" and where get information about these.

Thanks in advance.

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Grid Record Color


Greetings everyone,

Briefly explain:

Wich tool is the one that you most like?


Hey guys, is allways good to know wich tool is the one that the developers (in general) most like, and it is also a curiosity that everyone would like to know and try it out.

Which is(are) your prefered tool on WaveMaker and why?

I'll be the 1st on this research hehe

Need a Consultant for Fiber Network Map/Documentation Project


Hello -

I am looking for a consultant to help me understand/code elements of a Wavemaker project I am developing. A little background: I am a graphic designer/html/css guy working for a telecommunications company. The boss has decided I am a developer, it's ok to laugh because I did and still am. lol I've taught myself quite a bit since this project started but need some help with some of the more complex elements so that the project can keep moving forward.

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