JCoverFlip Integration with Wavemaker


Couple of Questions :

1) Does Wavemaker has a kind of JCoverFlip widget in built with itself? If yes, can you please share the tutorial or documentation to use the same.

2) If No to 1) then any thoughts on how to go about integrating JCoverFlip with Wavemaker.

Appreciate your response.

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No, nothing quite that

No, nothing quite that polished; our emphasis tends to be business apps rather than consumer apps, and our widgets reflect that.

If you want to try it, you can read up on http://dev.wavemaker.com/wiki/bin/wmdoc_6.4/Custom+Components which among other things has a section on attempting to use jquery widgets. That said, Its pretty challenging; be prepared to spend a lot of time learning and debugging to get this to work.

Michael Kantor
SMTS; WaveMaker/SpringSource/VMware

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seems fisheye is a good option for use