Spring Roo service compatible with WaveMaker


Do you plan to develop any kind of Spring Roo integration, an option for using Spring Roo entities for accessing data instead of WM-generated entities?

I would expect simply something like a Live Variable (or a special type of Live Variable) that would be able to use Spring Roo entities in addition to/instead of WM-designed entities.

New Spring Roo version 1.2.0 allows to automatically generate services or repositories to access Roo entities with a simple command.

It seems that it would not be very difficult for your team to create a Roo plugin (based on that version code) to create a similar "service" but with the structure that WM requires.

Please, see this link with an explanation and an example:



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re: Spring Roo

The short answer is yes, we agree there is much potential for WaveMaker integration with Roo. No Roo features are planned for WM 6.5, however we have begun discussing future possibilities with the Roo team here at SpringSource.


WM 6.3.x, 6.4.x

That's music for my ears.... :-) :-) :-)

We have plans to start on January a new solution modeled on UML and implemented at the business level in Spring Roo (see our custom solution to link both of them; we will launch a beta program in 2 weeks. Preview of webpage design and intentions here: http://pomodorotest.wordpress.com/).

But it must be really customizable, so we were strongly considering WM for User Interface, and all the logic that can change between customers that can be implemented on JavaScript or using all WM capabilities.

Do you plan to release any kind of integration for version 7? Any available for 1st half of 2012?

Thanks a lot in advance,


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See http://www.slideshare.net/martinlippert/wavemaker-spring-roo-springsource-tool-s...

Studio Version 6.3.2GA/6.4.2Beta

That's exactly what we were looking at! Killer combination!

Really excited by this news.
It's the best combination possible. The best practices for a Java back-end through Roo, and a RAD-style best solution for the web interface and easy-customizable code (Javascript is perfect for that) through WebMaker.

Any time approximation, please, about when we could use Roo entities on WM applications? Can simply be confirmed that it's planned before July 2012?

Thanks a lot in advance and make a great work! We will make great applications with that killer combination!!! :-)

Altair, you should be able

Altair, you should be able to use Roo Entities and services now. I have pulled in "hand coded" entities and services. You just need to do it yourself without tooling.

Could you provide some more detail?


Could you provide some more detail on how you did this?


Mnutall, I have tried without exit

I have tried to use Spring Roo entities (or general JPA entities) on WM, but seems that the default WM beans - factory, data source, etc. - don't read it.

I'm not an expert Java nor WM programmer, but seems that on user-spring.xml I should add the beans, etc used by JPA entities generated by Roo. Is that true?

If not, what should be done?

A example project would be simply marvellous, but, If you don't hace time, can you simply point us to the proper direction?

Thanks a lot in advance!!