IE 6/7/8/9/? Support


Can someone in WM Team clarify something please.

Has support for IE been dropped as such?
And can you explain further the Chrome plugin for IE and how that is replacing IE? (Sorry bit confused over this matter)


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IE support win WM6.4

IE 8 and 9 are supported as IE.

With 6.4, IE 6 and 7 are supported via Chrome Frame. Previously, WM6.3 and before, IE6 and 7 were also supported as IE.

With the Chrome Frame plugin, MSIE6/7 use the chrome V8 engine when loading a site with the chrome XUA meta tag. The first time the MSIE 6 agent visits such a site, they'll be prompted to install chrome frame before loading the app. After that, or if they already installed, the app will 'just work'.

Some additional info:


WM 6.3.x, 6.4.x

Thanks edc

So in a nutshell if IE 6 or 7 is used the end users will need be prompted to install this plug in and it will work as usual.