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I am getting a strange error today.

It has to do with managong two or more model popups

Reading the wiki

Initializing a dialog box page using dojo.connect

allowed me to get one working but I added a new Page and I can't seem to get both of them working.

The pages are called E1 and E2 but when I try to do the connect in the E2 page it fails saying that E2 is not found.

I was wondering if I need to dojo disconnect when I dismiss the page?
Also   app.pageDialog.getValue("pageName");
does not seem to produce a value?



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re: two popups

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Checkout this example of using multiple popup pages

The attached sample project shows managing a main and two popup pages.

It also demonstrates passing variables back and forth between the main program and the popup pages, as well as having a popup page that can perform multiple actions.

It uses dojo.connect to hook a function on the main page to the onPageReady event for the dialog boxes.

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