WaveMaker Ajax Master Tutorial Webinar Series



WaveMaker File Upload/Download Master Tutorial

29 July 2008, 11am PT
Matt Small, Senior Software Engineer, WaveMaker

File Upload and Download in Ajax applications can be tricky.  This tutorial provides introduction to upload and download widget configuration and their backing Java services.  Advanced topics include writing uploaded files to a database and serving files directly from database content.  Sign up Now!


Debugging WaveMaker Ajax Applications Master Tutorial

26 August 2008, 11am PT
Ed Callahan, Director of Technical Services, WaveMaker

Where there is development, there is debugging. In this session, we will discuss techniques for debugging issues commonly encountered while developing web-apps using WaveMaker. We will use the Firebug add-on to Firefox to debug client side errors. We will also discuss the logging features available in the WaveMaker framework to diagnose server side issues. Knowledge of development in the WaveMaker framework is presumed. Sign up Now!


Data Grid Master Tutorial with WaveMaker

23 September 2008, 11am PT
Steve Orvell, Senior Architect, WaveMaker

A grid is a fantastic way to view complex data at a glance. Whether it's data from a database, web service, or java service, WaveMaker provides a simple way to produce complex grids quickly. We'll review how to setup a basic grid and then dive into some advanced ways to manipulate the grid widget in WaveMaker. Sign up Now!

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Cost of this webinnars?

Sorry buts what is the cost of this webinnars?


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There is no financial cost to attend.

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Only hope that Data Grid Master webinar can explains...


howto Grid Grouping or something like that......

mavirroco@gmail.com Tarija, Bolivia

Live Shows

Are these live shows which have to be watched at these specific times like radio and tv broadcasts or will they be recorded and people can watch them later on too?

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Preparing for Data Grid Master webinar...

I found this new info in ajaxian for dojo grids......


HTH for the webinar

mavirroco@gmail.com Tarija, Bolivia

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Webinars for 3.2.2 or 4.0?

Will this be with respect to 3.2.2 or 4.0?  Will there be a significant difference the way file upload or download is done between the two WaveMaker versions?  Lastly, will this just be a recap of how to do it with pictures (which may be similar, but for newbiew like me it didn't help), or actual files?


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MT Webinars

Hi Dave,

The webinars will be presented on 4.0. For these three topics, there should be minimal difference from 3.2.2. The UI changes in studio makes things look very different and some aspects have changed significantly (drag and drop, thankfully), but for file transfer and debugging, I expect it should translate well. Grid maybe a bit more so, but by then 3.2.2 will be old news.

I should defer to Matt, the presenter of the file transfer topic, regarding the content.


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An update since yesterday:

An update since yesterday: we'll be doing the FileTransfer webinar on 3.2.2.  There isn't a significant difference between the two versions, so it will remain applicable as you upgrade to 4.0.


I'll cover upload with both arbitrary binary files and images like in the demo.



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Just a simple request

Just a simple request beforehand so you can be prepared: the demo already online isn't a typical CRUD application where all the contents of each record can undergo CRUD within an autoform, and I (and I imagine most users) would like to see how to do this in a typical CRUD application involving an autoform.

For example, in an autoform each field must have a binding to a "submit new" or "submit changes" button.  In the demo application however there appears to be no such binding as it is done through a datagrid so it's difficult to figure out how to do file upload/download in an autoform.  I'm guessing it's done in two steps with an autoform:

1) Upload/Download widget, which creates the record and uploads the file.
2) Submit-record button, which fills in the other data in the record (so it's really an update function instead of a create function).

Yes?  But how?

Also, the view-file methodology in the demo app is also confusing as it is placed in an inColumn formatter function - which is great for the demo but for those of us with just a basic understanding of Javascript it would be nice to see this done from a "view" button placed in an autoform.

In short, if you're just planning on going over how you did the demo I think it will be useless for many of us, whereas showing how to do file upload/download from within the autoform will be much more enlightening.  The demo is pretty self explanatory for how to do upload/download in a 1-dimensional database with no other fields that the user would care about.  It doesn't need a webinar.  What we need the webinar is for how to implement it within a normal CRUD using an autoform.

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file upload/download within autoform

... continuation from previous post ...

I suppose another way to do it within an autoform (and I think this might be easier than above), is to do it in 2 steps this way:

1) Complete all fields with the autoform except for the field used for the file. Then upon submit it creates the record, then reveals a layer that has the upload/downlad widget.
2) Then user the Upload/Download widget to update the record with the desired file, whereupon completion it reveals the layer with the autoform.

I think this would be more simple to implement, and provide better experience for the user.

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file upload/download within autoform -method 3

The third way I see it working is to  put uploaded files in a seperate table from the table that holds the autoform data.  The autoform then has a field that points to the appropriate record within the table that contains the files.

Whatever method you think is easiest to implement ... bottom line though is that as of yet implementing file-upload/download within a autoform environment is a mystery, and I believe that is probably a more likely implementation than interfacing with a simple list of files like the demo application demonstrates.

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File Upload/Download

Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Dave. As you say, the example is already available. The objective of this series is to demystify topics, not repeat what we already know. Your comments will help us provide a more useful webinar.

I do not (and should not) claim to be a real DBA, but I do understand using a separate table for blobs (files in this case) to be a best practice. Method 3. The first (and in this case, enough for me) justification being why fetch/update/involve the blob field every time you need to touch the record.

I hope you can attend this file transfer webinar, Dave. I know it is something you've had questions about for some time. The topics of these webinars are  a direct result of the input from you and other active community members.




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looking forward to it -

looking forward to it - thanks!

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will these webinars going to

will these webinars going to be recorded and be accesible later on? I might have some schedule conflicts with some of them. Thanks.

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Webinars will be recorded

Yes, they will be recorded. If you have specific questions and can not attend, your welcome to post them or send them to community@wavemaker.com


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Thanks Ed, the availability

Thanks Ed, the availability of this training is in deed very helpful for the community and wavemaker new users.

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Webinar File Upload..

I can see the webinar :( buts cant listen

i not what to do with

Access Code: 

for audio

 and never cud find  icon in the PC 


anyway congratulations matt



mavirroco@gmail.com Tarija, Bolivia

RE :gotomeeting

Hi mav

That icon is for people that have the software to make webminars, is the software that you need to control the presentation, so when you are in web browaser mode you must use the phone to hear.


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Call to phone...

Hi gustavo,

there is a software can do this or

only call to phone for hear??


mavirroco@gmail.com Tarija, Bolivia

RE: Call to phone

Hi mav

Until today i used always de phone to hear from this kind of webinar, so i can't anwser if there is another possibility, i supose that with citrix for base platform sound would be dificult, but ....


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Sorry to hear that

Sorry to hear that Mavirroco. We'll be posting a video of the entire presentation later today, so you should be able to hear that.

I've created a thread where I'll be posting my HOWTO and sample projects later today. Also, if you have any more questions, head on over. It's under development; see http://dev.wavemaker.com/forums/?q=node/2155.

Thanks for attending everyone!




Since we are all opensource user's you should see the DIMDIM platform.




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It'll be best if the video

It'll be best if the video recording posted is at wavemaker servers like any other screencast here  becuase the gotomeeting recordings can only be viewed on windows using wmplayer using their very own codec that I even have problems to install. Thanks

RE. The video is up


By the way aren't there more videos of other webinar ?


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re: videos -- first one

This was the first session in the series.