HOWTO: Exporting WaveMaker Projects


The WaveMaker Studio can export projects in zip format to facilitate sharing of projects through email.  This HowTo document describes how to export and import projects, and talks about future plans to streamline this process.

Exporting WaveMaker Projects

To export a WaveMaker project, open the project in the studio and click on Dashboard->Administration->Export Project.  The export file will be in your project directory under export/<project name>.zip.

The export zip file will include the project directory and everything underneath it that cannot be recreated by another installation of the studio.

Importing WaveMaker Projects

To import a WaveMaker project, simply unzip the file into the directory where your WaveMaker projects are located.  If there is already a project with that name it should be deleted beforehand.

The project will now appear in the list of projects (a refresh may be required).

Planned Enhancements

The current support for exporting projects is mainly intended to facilitate emailing projects to our support staff.  It streamlines creation of export files, but has no support for easy import.

In the future we will improve export and add tooling for import to facilitate sharing among the WaveMaker development community.   Export will allow you to choose the export location and customize the name of the exported zip file, and import will allow you to select which file to import.